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Create WordPress Page

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Add Pages To Wordpress

Creating a WordPress Web Page To add a new page to your WordPress site, navigate to the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add new. The WordPress page editor looks identical to the post editor.   Add the title of the page, like eCommerce. Next, add some content and images. Page Attributes…

How to Delete a WordPress Post

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Delete Permanently Hover Over Quick Link Click

How to Delete a WordPress Post the choices you are given. In the Posts screen, find the Post you want to delete, then hover your mouse over the post title to display the options menu and click on Trash…   Your Post will be moved to the Trash   Now you can restored to the…

Quick Edit a WordPress Post

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Quick Edit options Wordpress Website

How to Quick Edit a WordPress Post If you want to change the title, slug, publish date or add your post to a category, you can use the Quick Edit function and make this change directly from the All Posts Screen. To do this, hover over your post title and a new menu items will…

Edit a WordPress Post

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Quick Edit in All Posts Screen Wordpress

Tutorial: How to Edit a WordPress Post To edit a post if it already exists on your site, go to Posts >> All Posts in your WordPress dashboard. Click on the title of the post you want to edit in the list of Posts. If your list spans several pages, you can click through each…

Editing Images WordPress

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Wordpress Website in Kerrry Cork Dublin Ireland

Edit Images in Media Library WordPress   Upload your image, Click on the Edit Image button, another window will appear where you will find simple image editing options like crop, rotate, and flip the image left or right. You can also use any of these options to edit images inside your WordPress media library. To…

Hide columns on Posts screen

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Hide Wordpress Options using Options Screen

How to hide columns on the Posts screen | Screen Options Reading the Help Options Next to Options Screen dropdown is Help, it displays as a dropdown tab under the toolbar also(top right), it displays one or more Help items that are related to the Screen that is displayed in the work area. Click on…

Change permissions of your wp-content folder

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How to Change Permissions on folders with Filezilla

How to Change the permissions of your wp-content folder to 755 or 777 How to modify all your folders and files – recursively(using the same rule, applied repeatedly) your of wp-config folder. How to go through all your folder and files and fix their permissions in one command. Download the most recent version of FileZilla…

WordPress Errors and Tips

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Pinguis Website SEO Experts

Learn how to fix WordPress errors. The main goal of these posts is to give the user the information needed to fix wordpress errors with quality tips and tricks. We also provide wordpress troubleshooting services at very affordable prices. Pinguis Website Design wordpress troubleshooting services.

Pinguis Website Design, SEO, Content Writing Services

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Architects Kerry, Cork olearyarchitecturalservices

Pinguis Website Design, Wesite Redesign for O’Leary Architects in Kerry and Cork, SEO, Content Writing Services.   O’Leary Architects called us with a problem, their current website was not up to standard, and they were not receiving calls or contacts from their website.     We re-designed it added searchable and index-able content, and are…

WordPress Sidebar Shows Below Content

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Settings >> Writing Wordpress Correct uncorrected nested divs

How to Correct WordPress Sidebar Below Content Layout. This is a common error, happens when your website’s sidebar is no longer next to the main content where it should be but instead moves below it. Solution for Sidebar Below Content This is a common problem and the reason for this is that you have too…