Google PageSpeed Matters

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Google speed pagespeed insights result for Pinguis Website Design in Ireland

Why Google PageSpeed Matters People surfing the web expect to see the page displayed in a timely fashion. And Google PageSpeed Insights shows the standard to achieve. Its more about good structure than speed. Having the proper page structure and Optimised images along with css and javascript because a slow-loading website not only frustrates visitors, but…

Fix wordpress ftp password request

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fix wordpress asking for password by Pinguis Website Design

How to fix wordpress asking for password for every plugin install or update.   Simple fix to annoying problems with wordpress If you are using ftp and have access to your wp-config file edit it. Adding your server host address as your ftp host or visit find my website server ip address With this address…

White screen error wordpress

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fix white screen error wordpress

How to fix white screen error WordPress after changing the Number of items to view per page. No disable plugins or switching themes just put in the code. After countless hours of searching, trial and error. And some pulling hair and rubbing my head. I have a hack to fix the WordPress White Screen after…

Become a Blogger


Pinguis Website Design on How to Become a Blogger, Web Design Ireland, Web Design Ireland are Irish SEO Experts, Online Marketing, E-commerce Design, Social Media Networking

Change background color of text widget

How to add Background in a text widget wordpress in Ireland

In this post i describe how to change the background color of a text widget. If you don’t already have the widget in place. Put it there. Enter you text links or images into your text widget then       <div style=”background-color: #f1f1f1; padding-left: 1em; padding-right: 1em;”>Your message here </div> Book Now or Call…

5 Reasons to use WordPress

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Distribute Free to Use WordPress Free

5 reasons to use WordPress Pinguis Website Design Why We Use WordPress helps you get your site set up the way you want it. Freedoms WordPress is Free and open source software. WordPress is free – free to download and free to distribute

Packages Available

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Welcome to Website Design Ireland we are a web design and hosting company based in Ireland. We have been involved in Information Technology business since 2004, we host and design websites for small medium and large companies within Ireland, We have designed and supplied hosting solutions to companies. We offer a complete internet service with…

Business Consultant

Business Consultants in clare Ireland

Walk as you Talk it. Paper never refuses ink and it is easy for anyone to say how wonderful they are. Ascent Associate are willing to put their money where their mouths are. We offer our Clients guaranteed success and if we do not deliver and the company does not see an improvement in its…

Website SEO Ireland


Pinguis Website Design and SEO in Ireland Having your Web Site is only the first step in marketing your business online. To generate sales leads and ultimately make money from your site you need to do a little more work. Read some of the Internet Marketing solutions I offer: SEO Analysis: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…