Change permissions of your wp-content folder

How to Change the permissions of your wp-content folder to 755 or 777

How to modify all your folders and files – recursively(using the same rule, applied repeatedly) your of wp-config folder.

How to go through all your folder and files and fix their permissions in one command.

Changing file Permissions with Filezilla

Change Permissions on folders with Filezilla

  • Select the “Recurse into sub-directories” option.
  • Set 777 or 755 for the permissions, apply it to directories only or apply it to all files and directories but only if you want every file and folders permission changed within the selected folder.
  • FileZilla will go through the folder and its sub-folders changing the permission of each item. It may take several minutes for it to complete if you have many files so be patient.
  • Afterward, double check the permissions of some of the items, particularly for the main folder.

Change only folder permissions on one folder only using filezilla(the free ftp solution) .

On the file attributes screen select 755 or 777 for your permissions and dont select the apply recursive check box.

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