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House Surveys Cork

House Surveys & Engineers Reports. Get your Property Pre-Purchase surveys. A Pre–Purchase House Survey is a Report? At its most basic level its a building inspectors report. The Pre–Purchase House Survey and building inspection report is the one you get before you buy a property. Basically its a report on the structural safety of a building. Our pre–purchase survey inspection report contains more than just structural issues. The Survey is more suitable where a purchaser is not interested in the other factors that affect a buildings value. We also provide these. Surveys and inspections/reports are usually carried out before you exchange sale contracts…

Insurance Engineer Reports

Insurance Required Engineering Reports Insurers often request engineers reports to document damage connected to incidents such as fire, flood or subsidence, a detailed report may be necessary for the insurers of the property. We provide the appropriate investigation and further testing as appropriate to produce a comprehensive assessment of the event. Engineer’s report may contain. Your engineer may conduct a structural survey of the property for you, to see whether, as far as they can tell, the property is structurally sound. Walls or the foundations of your house, will be able to see if there are any obvious structural faults…

Fire Safety Survey

Fire safety survey Cork City and County. I was contacted and asked to carry out a fire safety survey on this property prior to it being purchased, so that the buyer would not be faced with an unexpected bill for fire safety upgrade work after they had paid for it. If there is a lot of fire safety upgrade work required then this can be used to negotiate the asking price downward. If you are interested in a fire safety survey in Ireland contact me on 086 840 3638 or email directly on