I Have Not Got a Website

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No internet presence? No problem to Pinguis Website Design!

If your business has no internet presence you are not getting enquires from potential customers searching for your products / services on the internet both locally and nationally.

Research in Ireland has shown that the internet is the most used source when looking for business phone numbers, with nearly 90% of people in Ireland using the internet and around 85% of people using search engines to find businesses locally.

Existing customers are the backbone of all businesses. In today’s internet age existing customers expect their service provider to have a nice and easy to find internet presence. If your customer is looking for your phone number or wants to recommend you to a friend they expect to be able to find your details easily online.

Why existing customers may look for you on search engines:

  • People will remember your name but not your phone number.
  • People may only remember part your name but will add your service in searches.
  • Customers who want to recommend you to others.
  • Looking to see if you provide other services.
  • Looking for your email address.
  • Looking for your opening times.
  • Looking for directions to your premises.

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