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Optimize Website Speed for great Page Loading

These are the things that you can do to optimize the website speed and page load courtesy of the wordpress community:

1. Optimize all images with AI/Photoshop before uploading to server ‘save as web safe’ jpg
2. Once all images are uploaded on the website, optimize with ewww optimizer plugin twice 1hr 10mins apart.
3. Install wp-smushit run once to remove jpeg extra data, then uninstall.
4. Use BWP minify plugin to minify scripts and stylesheets.
5. Install WP-Super cache, select all recommended settings.
6. Logout your website, visit every page at least once to create super cache files.
7. Join Cloudflare setup your website on their CDN, Choose options: Full CDN Optimisation save then activate purge files. once done log out.
8. Have a cup of coffee.
9. Re-Visit your site after afew minutes.
10. Don’t forget to smile.