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Damprite Pipe Leaks

Damprite provide a specialised service particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of damp, defects to wood and rot problems. Damprite Removing Ireland’s Damp One Wall at a Time. House Restoration & Preservation in Ireland                        

Damprite Dealing with Ireland’s Damp

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Rising Damp

Condensation usually develops in the form of black staining on ceilings and walls or mildew on fabrics and can produce a pervasive unpleasant odour of damp.


Woodworm can chew the timbers of roofs, floors and stairs. A woodworm attack can result in weakening of timbers leaving your building unstable and structurally unsafe.


A black staining on ceilings and walls or mildew on fabrics and produces a pervasive unpleasant odour of damp. It’s water which has ‘condensed’ from warm, moist air on contact with a cold surface.

Wet or Dry Rot

All forms of wood rotting fungi require moisture in order to live. Timber that is kept dry, will not decay.  All timber can be attacked by one or more of the many species of wood rotting fungi.
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Our Services we deal with Woodworm, Condensation, Rising Damp / Damp Proofing Solutions

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  • Client Damp Solutions
  • Date June 1, 2016
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