How to Achieve Better PageSpeed Results

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Why page speed and why does it matter?

Page speed can be easily assessed by the amount of time it takes for your website to load. Page speed can depend on a variety of things, from your website’s design to your server hardware and your data centre’s connection and where is it located.

With proper optimisation your website will load faster with better quality results, this will in turn be better for users and page engagement. Some aspects of page speed – such as a user’s location and their connection speed – can not be controlled, but many others factors can.

Page speed matters for several reasons. The first is that users are far more likely to stay on your website if it loads quickly. The second is that Google and other search engines penalise websites that load slowly with less visible search engine rankings.

After that statement it is simple enough to understand.

Build proper websites and get proper results from it. PageSpeed Before Results PageSpeed Insights After Results

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