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Google Search for Spam Websites

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How Google Search for Spam Websites and what it does with them.   Google have announced that they are fighting spam results, to keep your search results relevant. They are checking for: Hidden text or keyword stuffing Some of the pages may contain hidden text and/or keyword stuffing. User-generated spam Site appears to contain spammy…

Create Valuable Content for your Site

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How to Create Valuable Content

To create valuable content To creating a great website is to create a good experience for the end user, do this with original and high quality content, (taught provoking). If people find your site useful and unique, they may come back again or link to your content on their own websites. This will attract more…

Website | Know your Market

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Business Owners Website Designers Ireland

Business Website Knowing your audience by Pinguis Web Design Before you create content for your website, you should identify your target audience. These are the people you want to visit your site. People who are interested in your service or product. Once you identify your audience, you can create content that is useful and relevant…

Setup a Website

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Domain Name Registration in Kerry Cork and Ireland

Setup a Website Pinguis Website Design your new website needs a domain name, registered through a registrar, a website hosting service. Pinguis Website Design offer free domain names

Website Seo Tralee

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Website Seo Tralee Pinguis Website Design Ireland SEO Tralee aka Search Engine Optimisation in Tralee.We have you covered, we are the number 1 website design SEO in Tralee

SEO Tralee | Search Engine Optimisation in Tralee. We have you covered, we are the number 1 website design and SEO in Tralee for good reason. We care about clients website position. Forget the India’s (spammers) and hire the Search Engine Cowboys. We don’t charge anything upfront, we charge only when your website is page…

Reliable and free website hosting

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Reliable and free website hosting in Ireland

Reliable Website Hosting Services in Ireland. To allow visitors access your website over the internet, you need to rent a webspace hosting package on a web server. A hosting provider often bundles web server space rental with other services e.g. email hosting, application vaults, into a so called website hosting package. Web hosting packages vary…

Force Showing Hidden files with ftp

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Force Showing Hidden Files in Ireland

How to Enable force showing all files in file transfer protocol program. Certain files are ‘hidden’ by default (such as .htaccess files). FTP clients differ in the menus used to alter settings to enable these files to be seen, but all work along the same principles. The following is a guide to showing those ‘hidden…

Common WordPress Website Errors

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View Content front end view wordpress training Ireland

The Most Common WordPress Errors and fixes Some very common issues and error fixes for wordpress. All with very easy fixes. This tutorial is written to help you on the most common WordPress fixes and how to fix them instantly. How to Re-Saving Permalinks in WordPress Website If you run into a page that comes…

Tradesmen Website Design in Ireland

Chimney Cleaners in Kerry

Websites for Tradesmen – Web Design for Tradesmen – Tradesman Websites in Ireland and beyond by Pinguis Website Design. Contact Pinguis Website Design for a direct quotation maximum price €350.00. Contractors Websites in Ireland Website Design Contact 087 7547-098 for your trades Website i.e. Plastering, Electrician Website, Wall Chasing to Ground Work Websites to Machinery,…