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OConnor Memorials Headstones Kerry

O’Connor Headstones Kerry Memorials in Marble, Limestone and Granite. 4th Generation Family Business – Custom Designs – Structural Guarantee. We pride ourselves in delivering the best Memorial Headstones for our clients in Kerry. Headstone and Memorial Renovation O’Connor Memorial Headstones work on the headstone and memorial… Re-lettering of old headstones in Kerry Inscriptions and Re-lettering…

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No internet presence? No problem

Local Service Provider, Pinguis Website Design No internet presence? No problem to Pinguis Website Design! If your business has no internet presence you are not getting enquirers from potential customers searching for your products / services on the internet both locally and nationally. Research in Ireland has shown that the internet is the most used…

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We already have got your own web site

If you have already got your own web site? Having a second web presence independent from your website can help insure your business is always highly ranked on the internet. Our web page does not try to replace your website, that’s not what we do. Pinguis Web uses the most relevant factors that search engines…

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5 Reasons to use WordPress

5 reasons to use WordPress Pinguis Website Design Why We Use WordPress helps you get your site set up the way you want it. Freedoms WordPress is Free and open source software. WordPress is free – free to download and free to distribute