Changing Upload Max. Filesize Website

Changing Upload Max. Filesize

 How to change your wordpress website Upload Maximum Filesize to one that suits your needs. Some shared hosts in which case you would have to ask your hosting service provider for support. In Your Theme Functions File There are cases where we have seen that just by adding the following code in the theme function’s…

Business Owners Website Designers Ireland

Website Design Prices Ireland

 Website Design in Ireland, Builders, Architecture, Products, Engineering, Trades, Professional or Business Websites in Ireland. What does your website design needs. A good website designer encompasses many different skills and disciplines to bring together a websites. They are many areas of website design which include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including code and software, user experience designers and…

Delete a file from server using ftp with filezilla

Defending WordPress Against Hackers

How to best Defend WordPress against hackers. Some of us do not worry about the securing WordPress until it is too late. Security, backups and website recovery are to be worried about after the breach. Spend a small amount of time reading, planning and preparing can reduce the risk of your website being hacked. It…

Customiser Your WordPress Website

Customise Your Website

How to Customise Your WordPress Website with the built in WordPress Customiser. Go to WordPress back end, locate themes under Appearance on the left hand bar. Click the Customize button. This will bring you to a screen which will allow to modify your WordPress theme in real time. On the left you will see a…

Force Showing Hidden Files in Ireland

Force Showing Hidden files with ftp

How to Enable force showing all files in file transfer protocol program. Certain files are ‘hidden’ by default (such as .htaccess files). FTP clients differ in the menus used to alter settings to enable these files to be seen, but all work along the same principles. The following is a guide to showing those ‘hidden…

Request for Service Reservation Form for Business

Include a page within a Page WordPress

How to Include a page within a Page WordPress The Below code produces the iframe in wordpres as evidenced about. Copy it and change it to suit your needs <iframe style=”height: 1400px; width: 660px; border: none;” title=”Request a Quote from Pinguis Website Design in Ireland” src=”” width=”300″ height=”150″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes”></iframe>

How to stop WordPress creating duplicate images when uploaded in settings media library

Stop WordPress Creating Copies of Images

How to Stop WordPress Creating Multiple Images Add a WordPress image and you are guaranteed your adding several copies of that image. In fact every time you add images to your blog post in WordPress, by default it creates at least two extra copies of images. If you don’t want or if you want to…

WordPress Theme Setup in Ireland

WordPress Website Training in Clare

WordPress Website Training in Clare Pinguis Website Design & Development, Website Design & SEO in Clare   WordPress is in Clare WordPress Training in Clare, people in Clare need WordPress Websites, just like any other person in other parts of Ireland. With our distributed website design & development, we are able to build websites for…

WordPress Training in Ireland

WordPress Training in Waterford

WordPress Website Training in Waterford Development, Website Design & SEO in Waterford   WordPress is in Waterford WordPress Training in Waterford people in Waterford need WordPress Websites, just like any other person in other parts of Ireland. With our distributed website design & development, we are able to build websites for you without having to be…

Enable Gzip in wp-admin options file wordpress

Optimise WordPress website

Optimise your WordPress website   The time it takes your website to load influences how successful it will be (fact). Website performance will also influence your rankings in search engines. In addition to being ranked higher, many website owners report seeing an increase in search engine spider crawling after speeding up their design. I will share…