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12 Tips for a Success Online – Marketing in Ireland

Tips for Designing a Clean and Attractive Business Website.

Being successful online is no longer about having technical skills. You’ll need to have a keen eye and be up to date on trends. While keeping the pulse on emerging styles is key, incorporating analytics and testing will make you invaluable. Read 12 keys elements to designing a website that will keep your viewers engaged.


1. A Clean looking Professional Logo

Your logo is a massive part of your company’s brand and should be in the same location on every page. Designing your logo remember clean and crisp, Keep It Simple it should never look out of place on your website.

2. Neutral not Drastic Colors

Use a neutral color palette to help your site look clean and elegant. If you want to create a dramatic effect, add splashes of vibrant color to emphasize elements on your page.

Using a white background allows you to emphasize your product and maintain a clean, modern feel.

3. Try to Make Every Page as Interesting as Your Homepage

Often, designers focus most of their energy on the homepage and allow the rest of the pages look secondary. Every page should have the same attention to detail. Use a Content Management System or similar Chosing a Custom CMS Template and choose a theme to suit your specific business.

4. Use attention Getting and Clear Fonts

Fonts on websites are getting bigger. Allow yourself space to use fewer words and bolder ideas. Use typography that’s easy to read over frilly hard to read fonts.

5. Less clutter on Homepage

Get rid of sidebars, lengthy descriptions, and too many menu items. Simplify everything. Have recent posts on homepage. This is the page that is indexed most by Google.

6. Leave Gaps and Spaces between elements

Leave room in between content and give your visitor a chance to take in what they have just see. Empty spaces and gaps after headlines and between paragraphs. Split up content, paragraphs etc.

7. Professional Images and Photography

High-quality images that is unique to your business. A simple image is the most powerful on a homepage.

8. Simple Logical Navigation

Nothing makes users click away faster than navigation that doesn’t make sense. Make sure to have a contact button, FAQs, and your social media on every page.

Design can become repetitive when people overuse a template or resource. Use graphic design software like Graphics Suite which allow you to design websites with original images.

10. Create Clear Call to Action

Your website has a purpose – make sure it is clear. A call to action that is obvious but not obnoxious. Instead of making a “contact us” button in the upper right-hand corner, consider having the call to action be an entire section at the bottom of each page.

11. Responsive Design is a Must

Your website must look great on every device – desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

12. Side by Side A/B Testing

If you aren’t already using A/B testing on your web designs, this is a skill you should incorporate immediately. A/B Testing with website design has earned some companies tremendous returns — even for something as simple as changing the shade of blue.


Bonus Tip: Don’t let the hackers in deactivate and delete unused plugins and themes, crisp and clean is our motto.