Day: June 10, 2015

Install screen Wordpress standard wp-config

Edit Your wp-config file

The wp-config file can be found at the base of your website we teach how to Edit Your wp-config file Tell WordPress to remember your FTP credentials. This simple tells WordPress to remember your FTP credentials so you won’t be asked again when an upgrade is available. define(‘FTP_HOST’, ‘ftp-address’); or website ip address define(‘FTP_USER’, ‘Your_FTP_Username’);…

Widget Area Rename Position or Delete the Widget

Customisation of Themes

Customisation of Themes by Pinguis Website Design WordPress Training in Ireland. Most Themes are equipped with loads of features that allow you to customise your website. Use the following as a guide and if you need any help along the way Call Change the highlight color, navigation menu, tagline and adjust layout options using this…

insert media Kerry Cork wordpress training in ireland

Adding Image Galleries

How to go about Adding Image Galleries Image galleries can be added to any content area and can be customized in various ways. To add an image gallery navigate to any page or post and in the content area place the cursor where you would like the gallery to appear. Click Add Media to begin.…

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