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4 Best E-commerce SEO Tips

4 best E-commerce SEO Tips to Boost Sales Online

Fact is SEO is important for all sorts of online businesses but why? It is vital to stay on the top page of Google and why the search rankings matter for us?

Basically, there are several reasons why you need Search Engine Optimised website; here a 4 reasons Why:

1.       Almost 70% of the customers will shop for a business online and search engines optimised sites rank higher

2.       The higher the ranks you have, the increased traffic and the more sales contacts you will recieve

3.       It makes you highlighted among the competitors on the web

Strategies that will boost your sales and make the best of your SEO

Have an Internal Linking Structure

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How to insert Links in WordPress

Having an internal linking plan is the key to creating a successful eCommerce website that performs best. Internal linking refers to the process of going from one page on a domain to other on the same domain. Why organized internal linking?

  1. A website with a proper structure helps Google crawl through the web pages easily. When you make it easy for Google to index your site.
  1. It  helps to keep everything organized while the user is navigating your website
  1. Internal linking is known to help a business owners to cross sell other products on their websites.

Create Product Descriptions

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Obviously related to the product you are selling, eCommerce shops must use the product description of your own. Don’t copy and paste the description from manufacture thinking this can help then you are making a huge mistake. Google does not like duplicate/copied content, picking up the same thing posted on thousands of other website, you are asking Google to penalize you. eCommerce Marketing done right


4.     Get your customers to review your product

Product reviews from customers form an important element of your eCommerce product page. These reviews help you to ensure that your products are up to standard, and also provide dynamic SEO results to the website as they act as fresh content to your pages.

Since they are user generated, they act as a highly valuable entity not only for Google and your website but also for the new customers as they are written by those who have actually bought the products.

Include Markup On Your Pages

Markup Schema refers to a snippets of HTML code that direct the search engine spiders to what a particular searcher must be able to see before visiting that particular website. This will seriously improve your website as it increases the chances of Click-through-rate with markup which Google takes heavily into its consideration while determining the search ranks.

Kinds of markups one can add like the ones for the events, music albums, authors, business information, products, reviews, videos, products etc.

Optimize Page Speed

The speed of your website plays an important role in the success of the website. Several studies have shown that more than 40% of the customers abandon a website that takes up more than 7 seconds to load. If you feel that your website is slow then you definitely need speed performance optimization.


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