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Include a page within a Page WordPress

How to Include a page within a Page WordPress The Below code produces the iframe in wordpres as evidenced about. Copy it and change it to suit your needs <iframe style=”height: 1400px; width: 660px; border: none;” title=”Request a Quote from Pinguis Website Design in Ireland” src=”http://www.pinguisweb.com/” width=”300″ height=”150″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes”></iframe>

How to stop WordPress creating duplicate images when uploaded in settings media library

Stop WordPress Creating Copies of Images

How to Stop WordPress Creating Multiple Images Add a WordPress image and you are guaranteed your adding several copies of that image. In fact every time you add images to your blog post in WordPress, by default it creates at least two extra copies of images. If you don’t want or if you want to…

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Using Yoast SEO Plugin

Pinguis Website Design in Ireland   Recently one of our clients asked, how to use the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. Result below. The best and quickest way to have great on page SEO using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin  to maximum effect, Quickly with less fuss. Yoast WordPress SEO plugin by Pinguis Website Design (essential…

Enable Gzip in wp-admin options file wordpress

Optimise WordPress website

Optimise your WordPress website   The time it takes your website to load influences how successful it will be (fact). Website performance will also influence your rankings in search engines. In addition to being ranked higher, many website owners report seeing an increase in search engine spider crawling after speeding up their design. I will share…

W3 Total Cache Website Design

Must Use Plugins

Must Use Plugins i have found with WordPress. For your website to be in with a chance to rank well you must use a caching plugin. It will help you site to display faster and speed does matter with google. There are a lot of things you can do to optimize your WordPress website, however…

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WordPress Website SEO

Wordpress Website SEO Tutorial Before you do anything go to setting and tab Permalinks. Change this from Default to Post name. To include the category, you select “Custom Structure” and change the value