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A simple, easy to understand WordPress tutorial with images of live edits. We guide you through the process of editing your site

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Add a category to a post

Best Practices Add a category to a post How to assign a Category to the Post. Open the selected post and on the right hand sidebar, scroll down to categories and click the desired category. Update your post. Alternatively you can add a category to a post by going to All Posts on the left…

Rename you posts category

Rename a category

How to Rename a WordPress Category   To rename a category, go to Posts > Categories and select the category to rename. Then click Quick Edit to Rename your Category. Tip: Select search terms for your category names

Delete Wordpress Category

Deleting a Category in WordPress

How to Delete a Category To delete a category, go to Posts > Categories and select the category to Delete – the post within the category will be added to your default wordpress category. You can also quick edit or rename you category. WordPress and will automatically move the posts in to the default category…

Create Categories Wordpress

Create a category in WordPress

WordPress uses categories to organize your posts. You can have parent and child category making hierarchy of your posts. Enabling you to show exactly the posts you want in your navigation bar, menus, widgets etc. To create a categories in WordPress, you need to go the Posts >> Categories   This page will allow you…

Video Playlist Creation Wordpress

Video Playlist in a Posts

Embed a Video Playlist in a Post With your video ready, click Add Media. Click Create Video Playlist and Create Video Playlist, you will be shown a list of your previously uploaded video’s. If you’d like to upload a new video, click on the Upload Files link at the top of the pop-up window. Select…

How to Add Media or a gallery Wordpress Posts

Embed an image gallery in a post

How to Embed an image gallery in a WordPress Post First step is to get images for the gallery. Once you have that done, open a new post name it service gallery or similar. Once you have this complete click add media above the editor. At this stage click create gallery. Select your images notice…

Wordpress Page Quick Edit Options

WordPress Page Quick Edit Options

Explore the Quick Edit Options built into WordPress Pages as standard. WordPress comes with a lot of options and exploring them can be fun. On the pages screen you see all pages on your website, plus if you hover over the title, the quick links to edit pages from you dashboard. Obviously you can click…

Export All Wordpress Content

Importing Content From Another Website

In this tutorial i will show how to Import Content From Another WordPress Website. Select your content to import. Basically to import content into your wordpress website, you need a .xml file. Usually, if not always generated by another wordpress website. So to start i will show you how to generate that file. Under Tools…

Learn how to Format text in your post

Format Text in a Post

How to Format text with post formatting icons included in the WordPress visual post editor screen. The first row contains your standard bold or italize text. To apply bold to your text, select the text you would like change and click the bold button or CMD and B(shortcode). The quotation mark icon has the block quote…

How to Create Wordpress Post

How to Create New WordPress Post

How to Create New WordPress Post In this tutorial we teach you how to create a posts. First go to Posts >> Add New. The WordPress posts editor will be the next screen you see. The vital parts of this page are the Post Title – enter the title of your post in this field.…

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