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A simple, easy to understand WordPress tutorial with images of live edits. We guide you through the process of editing your site

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Fixing Hacked WordPress Site

Fixing Hacked WordPress Site Pinguis Website Design Fixing Your Hacked WordPress Site A sad reality about running websites is that sometimes they could get hacked. Having our WordPress site hacked a few times

Changing Upload Max. Filesize Website

Changing Upload Max. Filesize

 How to change your wordpress website Upload Maximum Filesize to one that suits your needs. Some shared hosts in which case you would have to ask your hosting service provider for support. In Your Theme Functions File There are cases where we have seen that just by adding the following code in the theme function’s…

WordPress Training in Ireland

Search Expert on WordPress SEO

WordPress and SEO There are a lot of questions about SEO, and no wonder it’s hard to understand ranking factors, you work hard on your site and want to get the word out on your product or service, that you provide and want a return on your investment. Basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.…

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What is a favicon

What is a favicon and why is it necessary A favicon short for “favorites icon” is an icon associated with a website or webpage intended to be used when you bookmark the web page.   Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere to help identify a website visually. It’s typically…

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WordPress Theme Installation

Pinguis WordPress Theme Setup. New to WordPress. Is your time or head space to valuable? Let us handle the work of installing and setting up your website for you with our theme setup service! With our theme setup service we will manually install WordPress, your new Organic Theme (theme purchased separately), essential plugins and the…