Airbnb House Listing Submission and Promotion in Ireland

Airbnb house submission and promotion

Airbnb House Listing Submission and Promotion in Kerry

Airbnb House Listing Submission and Promotion in Ireland
Airbnb House Listing Submission and Promotion in Kerry, Cork and all over Ireland.

What services we offer.

We completed your Profile, and get your house  verified. We can put suitable pictures of yourself listing, be it a house or single room. And if you don’t have any reviews, we can write some.

We stage your house room-by-room and take a series of quality pics that show it off well. It maybe the first pic that grabs potential guests as they look for listings in your area.

We carefully write a brief description that will appear under your photo’s.

We check that you have fully complete all the areas under Managing Your Listing. You want all items to be as accurate as possible.

We check out your competition when you set a price. Just starting out, you want to have a lower price to get more bookings and positive reviews. Once you have a bunch of positive reviews and your calendar is filling up, then you can raise the price.

Generally speaking, potential guests don’t like Cleaning Fees and Deposits. Include your cleaning fees, along with any taxes, in the price.

Assemble a folder with a page for local attractions, amenities, rules, recommended places to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, local attractions, etc. Collect some brochures and maps of your area and place them in you folder.

What promotes listings, in addition to price, type of listing, and location, is what stands out in your listing when people look at listings in your area, then when they have a positive experience and leave you a good review.

The better your listing looks on Airbnb and the more reviews you have, ultimately the more bookings you will get.