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About Us – Business Consultants Ireland Ascent Associate, a Business Development Company, forged from hard work and experience

Ascent Associate LTD was founded by Kieran.

Kieran has worked over 35 years in industry in various disciplines.
His career initially started in Purchasing where he was involved in Global negotiations and he held various positions as, Buyer, Lead Negotiator, Purchasing Manager and European Purchasing Manager in Multi Nationals.
From this he worked in the field of restructuring and downsizing companies with a view to controlling costs and maximising economies of scale.
This led him to re-locating to Boston, London and Brussels where he worked over 13 years. Kieran then entered the field of Business Development working with US, Asian and European companies to help develop their European sales and he held positions as, Key Account Manager, Sales Director, Business Development Director and CEO of these companies. He recruited and trained sales teams to help support the growth and development of these companies.
Later some of these companies were acquired by major organisations as a result of their European success.
Kieran also set up the back office support structure including warehousing, logistics, technical support centre and finance to support the various companies.
Kieran has worked in various industries including pharmaceutical, engineering, electronics and retail.
Throughout Kierans career he has helped mentor, coach and develop people and he has a serious passion for developing people and bringing out the best in them.
He understands the importance in having the right team in place and how critical a role people play in the success in any company.