How to Create New WordPress Post

How to Create New WordPress Post

In this tutorial we teach you how to create a posts. First go to Posts >> Add New.

How to Create WordPress PostThe WordPress posts editor will be the next screen you see. The vital parts of this page are the

  • Post Title – enter the title of your post in this field. On your theme it will be shown above your content.
  • Post Content – Use the WordPress editor to add the content of your post. WordPress being wordpress has two tabs(choice) – Visual Editor and Text Editor.

Enter the content of your New WordPress Post then Publish it. Once Published you content will be available on your actual website.

[button link=”#” size=”medium” color=”#0085ba” lightbox=”false”]Publish[/button] The Dark Blue Button

Your Post is now live on the internet, go to the website to check out the newly created post.

If you feel some editing is necessary the only change in your editor will be that Publish changes to Update.

Publish changes to Update if When Edited

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