WordPress Walkthrough and Tutorials

WordPress Learning and Tutorials

WordPress professionally built Tutorials and Walk through’s, designed to help any user learn the techniques required, to use WordPress the right way from the start. Ideal for any Irish Business Owner.

Posts Pages how to Create, edit and publish.

WordPress Visual Editor and Media

Understanding Categories Tags

Themes and best theme selection

Website site wide and General settings

WordPress Basic Understanding

Users and User Roles

  • Set a default user role
  • Change the default user role
  • Add a new user
  • Managing Users
  • Editing Your Profile
  • Change a user’s account information

Media Library Best Practices

  • Add media from my computer
  • Media Library > Add New
  • Shortcut Links
  • Filter Dates
  • Search Media
  • File Column
  • Author Column
  • Uploaded Column
  • Date Column
  • Comments Column
  • Delete files in the Media Library
  • Edit media
  • Media Library Bulk Actions
  • Upload a file to the media library
  • What is the Media Library
  • What is the Media Library
  • Using the Media Library
  • Add Multiple Files to the Media Library
  • Filter Media
  • Delete a file in the Media Library
  • Find the direct link to a media file
  • Edit files in the Media Library

Dealing with Comments

  • Turn off comments site wide
  • What are Comments
  • Moderate a single comment
  • Blacklist comments
  • Identifying Spam Comments

Using your WordPress Menu

  • Create a menu
  • What are Menus
  • Assign a menu to a theme location
  • Add a description to a menu item
  • Make menu items open in a new tab/window
  • Delete a menu
  • Edit Menus Tab
  • Create a New Menu
  • Menu Screen Options
  • Manage Locations Tab
  • Select a Menu
  • Menu Name
  • Choose a Link
  • Side Menu
  • Choosing Pages
  • Delete Menu
  • Menu Settings
  • Menu Structure
  • Save Menu
  • Add a CSS class to a menu item
  • Add a page to a menu
  • Add a link to a menu
  • Add a post to a menu
  • Add a tag to a menu
  • Add a category to a menu


  • Add a widget
  • Available Widgets
  • Archives
  • Pages
  • Meta
  • Calendar
  • Categories
  • Inactive Widgets
  • Overview of the Widgets Screen
  • Delete a widget
  • Recent Comments
  • Menu
  • Tag Cloud
  • Text
  • Widget Areas
  • Recent Posts
  • Search
  • RSS
  • Add code in a widget
  • Add a menu widget

Using Plugins and Installing Properly install WordPress Plugins

Properly install and activate Plugins

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