Edit a WordPress Post

Tutorial: How to Edit a WordPress Post

Wordpress Backend All PostsTo edit a post if it already exists on your site, go to Posts >> All Posts in your WordPress dashboard. Click on the title of the post you want to edit in the list of Posts. If your list spans several pages, you can click through each page or enter your post’s title in the search box. You can also edit the number of posts shown on one screen by going to Screen Options (top right beside Help) and Change the

If you want to simply change the title, slug, publish date or category of the post, you can do a Quick Edit and make this change directly from the All Posts Screen.

To do this, just hover over your post title and a new menu items will reveal themselves directly below the title. Click Quick Edit from this menu.

Quick Edit in All Posts Screen WordPress

If you’re changing the post content, click on the post’s title to view the edit page. Make your changes to the post. Once you’re finished, click the Update button to save your edited post to your wordpress website.

Edit and Update WordPress Posts
Make the changes and click the Update button to save
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