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Editing Images WordPress

Edit Images in Media Library WordPress


Upload your image, Click on the Edit Image button, another window will appear where you will find simple image editing options like crop, rotate, and flip the image left or right. You can also use any of these options to edit images inside your WordPress media library. To rotate or flip the image, just click on the respective icon pictured below.

Edit WordPress images Insert MediaEven resize to specific sizes, these are proportional, to keep the aspect ratio, wordpress will correct if you enter the height or width of the image.

Below are the image controls

the following image editing buttons and their actions:

Image cropCrop: Click on the image and drag the box to size. Select size and save


Image rotate counter-clockwiseRotate Left – counter-clockwise: Rotate image 90° counter-clockwise


Image rotate clockwiseRotate Right – clockwise: Rotate image 90° clockwise


Image flip verticalFlip vertically: Flip image vertically


Image flip horizontalFlip horizontally: Flip image horizontally


Image undoUndo: Undo the last action on image


Image redoRedo: Redo the last action on image