Format Text in a Post

How to Format text with post formatting icons included in the WordPress visual post editor screen.
Learn how to Format text in your post

  • The first row contains your standard bold or italize text. To apply bold to your text, select the text you would like change and click the bold button or CMD and B(shortcode).
  • The quotation mark icon has the block quote feature. This will  also add an indent and italic style to your selected text.
  • Next we have the Horizontal Line – which basically adds a horizontal line the with of an element above or below your text. Depending on where you place your cursor.
  • The next two icons are for bullet and number listings with drop-down elements. To add a list to a post, just select the text, then click that icon. The default is bulleted options are List, circle, disc or square.
  • Alignment options are next. You can choose to align left, left or align right.
  • The next icon is the insert Link. change any highlighted text to a link.
  • Next to this the remove link button, removes any linked text when highlighted and clicked.

Click the Show/hide the kitchen sink,Show:hide kitchen sink toolbar Button reveals another line of formatting. You can add header sizes, heading styles to your text, underline text or set a full alignment.

Change the color of you text,Change Text color Dropdowm and Icon selected it, then use this icon to select the colour.

  • The table icon adds a table of your selected options. e.g. 4 row by 4 columns.
  • The full screen option does exactly that, changes to Full screen
  • Undo the most recent changes Next
  • After that is Redo, which Undos the last action

There are many other options depending on your theme functions but these are the basic’s.
If you ever get stuck using your formatting icons, you can simply hover over the icon to see the command, experiment with the editor.

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