Google PageSpeed Matters

Why Google PageSpeed Matters

People surfing the web expect to see the page displayed in a timely fashion.

And Google PageSpeed Insights shows the standard to achieve.

Its more about good structure than speed.

Having the proper page structure and Optimised images along with css and javascript because a slow-loading website not only frustrates visitors, but it also doesn’t score any points for page ranking on the top search engine. On the Web, speed will save your Business.

Your website speed is a major factor and one of the key ways Google measures and ranks your website. If your site is slow, you get penalized.One thing many business owners don’t think about is the way their website performs, or how long for the page to load.

Google gives you an entire set of tools to analyze and optimize your website using pagespeed.

You can visit the PageSpeed OptimisationTools on the Google Developer site. Test your website now and after optimisation.

Google speed pagespeed insights result for Pinguis Website Design
Google speed pagespeed insights result for Pinguis Website Design

Pinguis Website Design have an excellent track record with google pagespeed and intend on keeping it with all future websites designed and hosted. Have a look at our pagespeed score.

By all means test it and that of our competitors and then you will know.

Understanding is key to website design.

Basically pagespeed is about website performance and future proofing your website

Pingdom Page Speed Result

Hint: if your using WordPress, install rvg-optimize-database. It deletes revisions and everything in the trash and wordpress runs sweetly after the database has been cleaned.
Google are helping websites maintain a standard and they are using Google Pagespeed Insight to do this.

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