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Keyword Planning for Successful Websites

Keyword Planning for Success online in Ireland

Helping you find keyword ideas. Check to see if your ideas actually have search volume first.


You do need to choose keywords that have volume. Keep in mind that the keywords you’re looking for now are the keywords that your entire campaign is going to be built around. Find content ideas and how to actually build high-value content for your campaign keywords.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some tools you can use to find your keywords:

Tool #1: Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is pretty straightforward. Put in your keyword idea, choose what country and language you want to target and click “Get Ideas”.

Back in the day, the Google Keyword Planner gave pretty vague suggestions, but now with the Ad Group Ideas, you can find pretty much every variation of your keyword(s).

Tool #2: Google Search!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for inside the Google Keyword Planner, then perform a simple search of your desired niche. Scroll to the bottom of the results and find “Searches Related Topic’s”. You will often find some amazing long tail keywords that didn’t show up in the Google Keyword Planner.

Tool #3: Using Soovle.com

Using Keyword Planning Tool Soovle.com is an absolute must for anyone doing keyword research. It pulls data from all of the biggest search engines in the world and will give you some terrific ideas for target keywords/content opportunities.

An alternative to keywordtool.io. This tool basically has the same functionality, but you can sometimes find ideas.

Tool #5: Google Webmaster Tools

This strategy will only work for websites that are established and already have some organic traffic coming in. Inside Google Webmaster tools, go to “Search Traffic” and “Search Analytics”. Check “Position” and “Queries”. Go to the last page of the results and look at the queries being used. You’ll often find some amazing content ideas with this exercise.


Prioritize Your Keywords

Now that you’ve gathered a nice list of keywords, you have to prioritize them. For most beginners, it’s best to focus on 5-10 keywords at a time. Anything more than that gets messy. Also, more keywords equal more links and more authority you have to build.

This can be costly, so it’s best to allocate your resources to dominate the first 5 or 10 keywords.

Choose 5-10 keywords that have the best potential return on investment. Hopefully you did your PPC test to determine whether or not a keyword has ROI potential.

Although you’ll probably only target 5-10 keywords initially, you should still take this time to build a keyword database. Separate it by current target keywords and future keywords.


Keyword Planning Conclusion

This keyword research section was designed to help you learn about keywords. In later posts you will learn how to find hundreds or even thousands of content ideas and keywords.

In the next section of this module, you’re going to learn how to analyze the competition ranking for the keywords you want to target.

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