Logo Design Kerry

Logo Design Kerry

Your Logo is and should always be  your companies image

A good logo and brand for your business is crucial and should be on item of stationary, everything associated with your company brand, invoices, receipts, quotation sheets, business cards, van signage etc. That in hand with a great looking website, a good logo design establishes the company as a professional, successful company, one that’s not here today, gone tomorrow.

Like everything else Consistency is important

Your brand needs to be consistent across all your marketing material, from your business card to your website. Pinguis Web can take care of all your marketing needs to ensure this consistency is in place. This means on every page and promotion of your website.

Need to be redesign?

Working from a limited budget for branding or logo design then why not ask about a redesign.  up your current logo or brand? Your logo like your website needs to be clean, consistent and fast.

Speed is key, your website has 4 seconds to load, or your next customer could be gone to your competitor.