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A web page’s title is one of the major elements for on-page search engine Optimisation. In search engines like Google, the keywords in the page title are of vital importance for page ranking. Additionally, the title appears as the first in the search results, so it should encourage searchers to click the “web search snippet”. The right title should be selected wisely and in consistence with the page content. Ideally, the title shows a short and comprehensible summary and contains relevant keywords for which the page aims to achieve a good ranking in search engines.

Title and Content area on WordPress Posts ScreenWhen choosing the page title, a number of requirements should be met. If the text length exceeds roughly 70 characters, the title might be added with (…) in the search engines’ results lists.

For this reason, a limit of 55 to 65 characters in the title is recommended. Long lists of keywords without contextual content should be avoided as well, as search engines might regards this as “keyword stuffing” and penalise your site. The title, should have a maximum of 2 to 3 keywords should be logically connected, with the most important keyword appearing first this is a decisive factor for good search engine ranking.

If you don’t enter a page title or use only a vague, expressionless title, Google will automatically create a title for the search result, based on your page content. As you can imagine, the search results won’t be very good in that case.

Have the following when choosing a page title:

  • Length of 55 to 65 characters including spaces
  • Important page keywords should be used in the title
  • 2 to 3 keywords should be logically connected and easy to read (words flow)
  • The most important keywords should appear first in the title
  • A page’s title should not change too often
  • Each title should only appear once on the entire website

Common errors when choosing the page title:

  • Title tag is missing
  • Title tag is empty
  • Page title is too long
  • Page title is too short
  • Page title is a single word
  • Page title contains unnecessary repetitions
  • All sub pages use the same page title
  • The website’s URL is in the title tag
  • The page title lacks important keywords
  • The page title contains words such as “welcome” or the domain name
  • The most important keyword doesn’t appear in the title tag

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