Plugin Install

Installing Plugins

How to Install Plugin’s

Any theme’s functionality is broken up through the use of individual plugins. This way, when if you ever decide to change themes, your site data, like shortcodes or contact forms will continue to work on your new site.

  1. Once you have activated the theme, prompting you to install recommended plugins. Follow the prompt and Click Begin installing plugins.

  2. On the following page click the checkbox next to Plugin in the header. This will select all plugins. Only the plugins marked “required” are required for theme functionality. The rest are completely optional.

  3. Then click Install under the Bulk Actions dropdown and click Apply to finish the process. The plugins will automatically be activated.

Manual Plugin Install

If you’ve already installed plugins using the above directions, you can manually install the required plugins. However, if you’ve run into problems installing the theme’s plugins, you can manually install them also.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New. At the top of the page, below Install Plugins click the Upload link and then select Choose file. You can find all the plugins in your theme download in the Plugins folder. Choose a file to install the plugin.

  2. Once you selected the correct file, click Install Now. The plugin will unpack, install, and then require activation. Select Activate Plugin. Your plugin is now activated.

You can activate any plugin using this method 1- choose file 2- Navigate to file on your harddrive 3-Upload to wordpress directory 4- Activate the plugin