Plugins For Keeping WordPress Secure


Four Of The Best Plugins For Keeping WordPress Secure and Locked Down.

WordPress is by a wide margin, the world’s most popular platform for running websites and managing content. This popularity is a double-edged sword, though. While it has led to a wealth of valuable third-party plugins, the platform’s popularity has also made it a target for hackers. In order to keep your WordPress site safe, consider using one of these outstanding security plugins:
Sucuri Scanner (

Sucuri deliver outstanding products and services and a free security plugin for WordPress is an fine example. The plugin integrates very nicely into your basic WordPress admin panel and it does a thorough job of checking for unauthorized attacks, spam, and especially malware. (Sucuri also offers a very respected malware-removal service:

If you’re considering using Sucuri’s plugin, you can even try out their free online site scanner ( to get a basic idea of how the company’s products operate. Installing the plugin allows you to run the same scans, and it also has some easy-to-use proactive features you can turn on to make your site more secure.

iThemes Security (

This WordPress security plugin was originally known as Better WP Security. Over the course of years, it’s grown from a basic security upgrade that closed common loopholes in the standard WP setup into a full-featured security suite that can safeguard you from a variety of threats. iThemes is one of the most popular security plugins available for WordPress today. It handles scheduled site scans and automated backups, but more importantly it reduces your overall vulnerability by concealing potentially-vulnerable information and features (e.g. admin logins) from unauthorized users.

iThemes Security delivers an outstanding user experience that’s suitable for people who might not be familiar with the intricacies of online security. It gives you a checklist of security tasks that need to be completed sorted from the most to the least important. Advanced users can easily access a wealth of more in-depth options.

WordFence (

Another plugin that’s extremely popular with WordPress users, WordFence is a great security scanner with some impressive added functionality. It has a realtime scanner that constantly checks your WordPress installation for malware or unauthorized access. WordFence can help moderate comments, too, blocking any third-party post that contains harmful code. The plugin gives you a wide range of active (two-factor authentication, geographic blacklisting) and passive (loophole closing, firewalling) defense measures

Besides handling security, WordFence is also designed to speed up your site which is something that you will be sure to appreciate if you are running a lot of other complex plugins. The plugin does this with the Falcom caching engine. The free version of WordFence is completely functional, but there are a few nice extra touches available if you choose to buy the premium version. Most users consider it well worth the modest cost.

Acunetix WP Security Scan (

The Acunetix scanner is another free security plugin that is particularly noted for its comprehensive scope of site analysis. It is a fairly lean tool even though it covers all of the key security bases. Acunetix makes an ideal installation if you need to improve the security of a well-established WordPress site. It does a great job of uncovering vulnerabilities in legacy sites.

The Acunetix WP Security Scan plugin is also a decent choice for providing ongoing security coverage. It backs up your database file automatically, scrubs potentially-exploitable information from your site’s metadata, and even includes tools you can use to monitor your website traffic.

Although WordPress includes some basic features designed to protect your site from unauthorised access, you really need to upgrade its security with the right plugins.
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