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Architect advise on Buying a House
Architect advise on Building or Buying a House in Cork

When preparing a Survey.

I arrange to visit to the premises and conduct a full survey of the dwelling

I also check the boundary of the site to check that it is consistent with the land registry map

I conduct a planning search in the local planning dept to determine if the property or any extensions in in compliance with the planning granted.

I then check on the planning website to see if there has been any planning application granted in the last 5 years to the neighbouring properties to ensure that there is not planned structure that would cause any lack of light or overlooking to the clients property.

In order to get a full survey these steps should be followed by any survey service.

Drawings prepared and applications for submission for New dwellings, extensions, agricultural and commercial planning.

We carry out snag list on houses and apartments in the Cork area. These house surveys involve inspection of the elements of the building for structural cracks, settlement and subsidence from foundations to attic spaces where safely accessible. Drainage manhole covers and drainage chamber covers are removed, where possible, to check that the drains are clear and flowing.

All properties not already registered, going through the conveyancing process must now be registered with the Property Registration Authority of Ireland. This involves preparation of a site map based on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland maps, and comparison of the Deed map with the boundaries on site. Apartments also require a scaled floor plan map and in some cases a car park space plan if part of the Title of the property.

Where extensions and alterations have been carried out your house this is usually certified by practitioners acceptable to the Law Society as set out in their Guidelines. If Certification was not provided by the supervising Architect, Engineer or Building Surveyor, this certification can be provided in most cases based on visual inspection. Certification may also involve compliance with old Building Bye Laws and Building Regulations.

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