Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

Wedding Videographer Kilkenny

Wedding Videography Kilkenny

Kilkenny Wedding Videographer

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Joe here, welcome to Wedding Videographer Kilkenny.

Due to a high demand for my wedding Videographergraphy services in Kilkenny, I have decided to make a new website just for wedding Videographers in Kilkenny and of course for all Videographergraphy services in Kilkenny & Carlow areas. As a result of my years of covering many fantastic wedding Videographers in and around Kilkenny and Carlow I feel it’s now time to develop my links with this great city as over 50% of my customers are living in this area and what’s better than having a local wedding supplier on your door step when you need one. Not only will you get to see  my wedding Videographergraphy services on this new site and also some great Videographer samples filmed in the local area, you will also get a chance to browse ALL of your wedding suppliers in your local area  with the ever popular wedding suppler site BRIDES IN MUNSTER.  This site has now been going for over a year and has everything from a Wedding Videographergrapher in Kilkenny to someone to do your nails!


Abbey Video Kilkenny Videographer

I am passionate about producing stunning and elegant Wedding Videographers and DVDs recorded here in Kilkenny, Tipperary and Carlow. My experience and passion for filming has helped me build my reputation as one of the finest Videographergraphers in Kilkenny. My subtle and discreet approach means that you and your guests will barely sense my presence on the day. I am often complimented on my professional and unobtrusive manner, which naturally helps the wedding guests to feel at ease. At “Wedding Videographer Kilkenny”, we strive to create a fun, emotional and breathtaking wedding DVD for you to cherish in order to relive your wedding day. Please have a look around my site, and if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss, send an email or give us a call. We would love to hear from you, any where in Ireland.

Wedding video Kilkenny - abbey video
Wedding Videographer Kilkenny, Tipperary, Carlow, Ireland

The wedding industry is booming at the moment and next year looks like a bumper year as well.  The budgets are still in place of course and rightly so, but I have often said,  you get what you pay for.  Of course you can get your wedding Videographer for 300 euro for the full day but is that all your memories are worth? The average price for the day can be 700+ and I think that’s fair – it often can be an 11 hr day and that’s only the wedding day, editing has to come into play after that.  So I would say if your are planning on getting married and having a wedding DVD  give time choosing your Videographergrapher. You don’t need to pay 900+ to include a few dances that night, unless it’s a 2 man crew with 2  manned cameras, if that is what you need go for it, but I like to film with the “fly on the wall” approach.  This way both you and your guests are often unaware of cameras there at all, but of course all the little details get covered, with your guests enjoying themselves and your full day captured in detail.


Capturing Perfect Weddings in every town in Kilkenny.