Reading Settings in WordPress

The Reading Settings in WordPress is possibly one of the most important on your Website.

Default Reading Settings on WordPress
Changing the Default Reading Settings WordPress

You again have choices to choice from here. They are quite simple really you can have a blog homepage displaying 10 posts and a snippet of each post. Or you can have a default Home page setup with text and images depending on what theme and plugins you choose to install.

For now we will stick with default settings. As stated blog or homepage. I always choose the home page as it gives a base to work from and everything is connected to it or related to it in some fashion. Either by link or reference to it.

To choose blog leave it alone or choose a home page.

Set a Default home page WordPress
Set a Default Reading page WordPress

Tick in the checkbox marked static the choices are no longer greyed out and your free to choose you Front page and your Posts page.

Again for me front page is called Home page and posts page is called Blog.

How do we manage that?

Up the left hand panel see pages

Settings set to Home Page and Blog Page
How to Reading Settings set to Home Page and Blog Page

Click All Pages – And Rename Sample Page to Home Page

Rename sample page to home renaming a page
How to Rename a Page WordPress

Hover over sample page see the hidden options that appear they are Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View

How to reveal Hidden Options under Pages How to rename a pages
How to reveal Hidden Options under Pages How to rename a page

Choose Quick Edit here and rename it to Home


Options under Quick Edit Options in Pages Screen
Options under Quick Edit Options


Notice the Slug this is what is displayed essentially added to you domain when a page or post is published.Change it to whatever suits you but home is a good option.

Now look to the right of the line you can select Parent, Order, Template, to Allow Comments or Status. Many options here again, experiment with a few.

Wordpress Installed with Home page set to Home Pages
WordPress Installed with Home page set to Pages

The Active Theme is called Twenty Fifteen a standard wordpress theme packaged with wordpress as a default. There are thousands of themes available and its growing everyday.

There are free themes and premium themes. Google is you friend for Themes or problems with wordpress, there is a massive following to wordpress, communities of developers ready to answer any questions.

Your theme should match your business, you can even develop your own theme and use it. Basically to access themes hover over Appearance Themes are one of the options available here.

themes are available under Appearance
Have access to themes through Appearances

Again options here either to change theme search the wordpress repository for themes or add a theme you have already purchased.

I will choose  a simple theme with navigation bar at the top and sidebar down the right for this wordpress tutorial. But that could change and wordpress gives the options to do that too.

The default theme is now WatersideVersion: 1.1.2 

Wordpress tutorials Waterside Theme active
WordPress tutorials Waterside Theme