Register a .ie Domain Name in Ireland

How to Register a .ie Domain Name

How to registering Irish domain names

.ie is associated with Ireland’s Internet Website addresses, if you want to target the Irish market or people in Ireland, it’s the address for you. Pinguis Web and Hosting offer low costs registration of Irish domain names (.ie).


Register a .ie Domain Name in Ireland
.ie Domain Name

An Irish (.ie) domain operate in a different manner to a .com .org or .net domain, which are awarded on a first come first served basis. Irish domains are awarded by the IEDR (Irish Domain Registry) once you have proven you are entitled to use the domain name.





We register names in the following categories:

  • Category 1: Personal Name
  • Category 2: Corporate Name
  • Category 3: Registered Trade Mark Name
  • Category 4: Registered Business Name
  • Category 5: State Agency Name
  • Category 6: Publication Name
  • Category 7: Educational Institution Name
  • Category 8: Politician’s Name
  • Category 9: Personal Trading Name

Important Points To Note:

A registration request for a .ie domain name, you may be required to produce information to validate your application. Usually, if your Company Number, Business Number or Community Trademark can be verified online no further documentation will be required.

Applicants based outside the Island of Ireland must be able to demonstrate a real and substantive connection to Ireland. Acceptable documentation demonstrating trade activity within Ireland are as follows:

  • Copies of invoices (trading either to or from Ireland)
  • Brochures showing a significant intention with trade in Ireland.
  • A signed letter on headed paper from a bank manager, firm of chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s) or solicitor(s) confirming the applicants trade with Ireland.

Domain registration fee’s are non refundable. Once an application is submitted to the Registry, you have 27 days to submit the supporting documentation is required.