What a Roofing Website Needs

Roofing Website Design

We offer great website design services and will update your roofing websites or build one from scratch.

Our websites are better because of 3 main things:

We target what your customer is looking for when rebuilding or building your website.

We optimise your website for Seo as we are building it. Most web designers do not have the Seo experience and keyword research knowledge to be able to build the right on-page optimization elements.

We are only 100% focused on roofing clients, we have researched the market for best themes for roofing sites that are based on WordPress, which are flexible for adding new functionality and are mobile optimised out of the box.

We Turn Your Roofing Website into a great source of calls and leads

Your roofing website is the most important digital presence for your roofing business, which means that having the best roofer website possible will help your roofing business in the long term, we help build your brand in the market and position you the best for prospective customers. Before we can identify the characteristics of the best roofing website, we start with the of your roofing company website theme.

The purpose of a roofing website is converting website visitors to actual calls. Getting that phone ringing.

A lot of people focus on the right roofing website theme or design; but that is only one of the four elements of the best roofing websites. If you don’t have the other three elements, your website will not help you even if you spend tens of thousands of dollars building it. For this reason, we focus on multiple website conversion elements along with a good, clean design when building websites for our roofing clients.

Conversion is composed of two drivers: website visits to leads and leads to sales. What we focus here with website conversion elements is how to turn your website visitors to leads. If a potential customer visits your roofer website, he or she will make a quick decision about whether to evaluate doing business with you. If your website doesn’t have the right conversion elements, you will lose the chance with that customer in the first 5 seconds and the “Back Button” on the website browser will be the last engagement action from that customer.

On the other hand, if you have implemented the conversion tactics we will discuss here, that person might call you or submit an inquiry form, which we classify as a lead. Your sales team and sales processes will then take over and you will set up an appointment with the customer quickly and seal the deal to start working on the roofing job for that customer.

There are 3 Areas that your Roofing Website has to have, that will have the most impact in terms roofing website position and ultimately call volume

Site Speed, Mobility & Security

Credibility & Trust – measure of time, rank and keywords & backlinks

Website Design Appearance and structure

Site Speed, Mobility & Security

Even a one second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction

Not having a mobile responsive site will decrease conversions by 50%

Roofing Websites need to have:

Decrease your page load time to under 3.5 seconds

Have a mobile friendly and responsive website always

Install SSL security to have https instead of http on your website is a new standard


Pinguis Website Design / custom build wordpress roofing themes and tips


  • Make it easy for potential customers to contact you – Web Form where customer can request a quote or callback
  • Improve your overall site with a clean and modern theme that is easy to navigate, Keep it Simple
  • Test design and colors on your site
  • Target call to action on the home page top third of website


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