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WordPress and SEO

There are a lot of questions about SEO, and no wonder it’s hard to understand ranking factors, you work hard on your site and want to get the word out on your product or service, that you provide and want a return on your investment.

Basically SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search engines, like Google. Say you write a blog about powertools. When someone Googles “powertools” how many pages of results do they have to scroll through before they see a link to your website? The goal behind having good SEO is to increase your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

Getting people to link to your site will definitely help, but how do you get those people.

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On the internet, it can be tough to make your “powertools” different from all the others powertool suppliers.

Realistically, you have to have your website on the first page of results and preferably the top half of the first page.

The best ways to accomplish this are to consistently publish useful, original posts about powertools, and promote your blog in an intelligent way, to allow people who are looking for information about your tools, prices, sales and promotions.

More traffic your blog receives for powertool searches, the better it will rank in Google’s results.

But if you look around the internet, you’ll find advice about how to increase your blog’s SERP ranking.

Historic Facts about SEO

Fact: A good SEO plugin is needed to get search results that you are rely on.

Fact 2: WordPress Websites have a great SEO already just needs tweaking.

Fact 3: Use only a few, carefully selected categories and tags for each post.

Fact 4: Have clear, natural flow that reads like it was intended for humans, not search engine.

Fact 5: SEO requires a strategy and an expert.

Fact 6: SEO is mostly common sense and hard work.



Publish original content every week about 300 hundred words.
Select your categories and tags carefully.
Don’t focus on Crawlers write for humans.
Build your traffic in smart, organic ways.
Choose simple, meaningful post slugs for your post titles.
Include keywords selectively throughout your page.

Do Not

Do Not Stuff” your site with keywords, broad categories, tags, or jargon.
Do Not Write with search engines in mind.
Do Not Purchase or exchange backlinks.
Do NotBuy into short lived SEO trends, remember your website is going to last for years.
Do Not Worry about SEO at the expense of writing good content for your readers.

Smart ways to increase your SERP rank

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Make sure to use short, easy to read post slugs
Use specific keywords that will help interested readers find your site. If you were looking for information on this subject, what search terms might you try? Be sure to use those terms once or twice in your post, keeping it relevant. But don’t overuse them
A WordPress Website, is set up to be standard, you blog section with a chronological list of posts. You may also use WordPress for websites consisting mostly of static pages. This type of site is not updated as frequently as  blog, so if you do have a website, it’s beneficial to have a blog component.

Focus on building your traffic the smart ways. Search out other blogs related to your topic and leave comments, share or re-post their topic this builds a relationship and they may re-post one of your topic’s.

The best way to improve your site’s ranking is to regularly publish interesting, creative content that people want to read and share or repost.

SEO tip by Pinguis Website Design Content Writer and SEO Expert
Write interesting, informative and engaging content for the readers, and forget about the search engines until later.

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