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People often ask “Where is my Business Website” or “Whats The Deal with my Website?” Where is it, what can i do to help get customers calling?

Is your site performing as well online as it could do? Pinguis Web are offering a SEO package to help you identify how your business’s online presence can be changed for a greater impact with local traffic. And spot weaknesses that competitors have found.

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When carrying out your free SEO  we will be looking at key indicative metrics surrounding your site and the extent to which is performing online, this will enable us to provide you with informative and effective goals for your business’s future success online. The area we will be looking at during this audit are outlined below.

The Internet Just went Local, Can You Be Found with search terms for your local, national and international market?

Do you Needs Consultation:

Before taking on a local client, we will always perform a free scan on your site.  The results  local SEO campaign specific to your requirements.

Areas covered during the consultancy phase include:

Scope of the local SEO campaign.

Results from the proposed SEO campaign.

Complimentary practices or marketing activities.

SEO Consultant:

Following consultancy, we will provide a SEO brief,  outlining the results  of assessments made on your current website.

The purpose of this SEO brief is to assess how well the site is currently for the Search Engines and to identify areas where it can be improved. Areas considered during the SEO Audit include:

Structural Analysis – Does the site structure allow for higher ranking?

Conversion Analysis – Changes required for an increased conversion rate.

Content Assessment – Is the content engaging for visitors and relevant to search engines?

Page Optimisation – Page by page assessment of mark-up and load times.

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Identification of targeted Keywords :

To achieve success with any SEO campaign it is vital that we start by choosing the right keywords to target. This starts by defining who your target market is, what they will most likely be searching for to reach your website.

Identify “converting keywords” for targeting.

Competition assessment of keywords.

Analysis of potential “local modifiers” e.g. Ireland “area in Ireland”.

Targeting keyword for business websites, these days getting found online is essential for business whether you sell or provide a service.

Competitor Check:

As part of our local SEO service, we will work with you to find, who your main competitors are and what methods we can adopt to achieve higher placement than them in the search engines.

During this phase, we will look at the geographic areas your business and category of business, we will be able  to rank for competitively and come up with a strategy to out do your competitors. This will include a mix of on-site optimisation, offsite optimisation.

Who are your competitors?

Why do they outrank you in the search engines?

How can we outrank them in local search results?

Getting better results

How can we get bigger profits?

Website Assessment:

Target markets checking

Industry trends identified.

Industry specific traffic sources identified.

Affiliate and customer acquisition opportunities explored.

We have designed the first result and we have redesigned the third result. Which was a website found on page 6 in google search, when we started.

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