Wordpress Errors

Fixing Wordpress Errors

Customiser Your WordPress Website

Customise Your Website

How to Customise Your WordPress Website with the built in WordPress Customiser. Go to WordPress back end, locate themes under Appearance on the left hand bar. Click the Customize button. This will bring you to a screen which will allow to modify your WordPress theme in real time. On the left you will see a…

Force Showing Hidden Files in Ireland

Force Showing Hidden files with ftp

How to Enable force showing all files in file transfer protocol program. Certain files are ‘hidden’ by default (such as .htaccess files). FTP clients differ in the menus used to alter settings to enable these files to be seen, but all work along the same principles. The following is a guide to showing those ‘hidden…

Request for Service Reservation Form for Business

Include a page within a Page WordPress

How to Include a page within a Page WordPress The Below code produces the iframe in wordpres as evidenced about. Copy it and change it to suit your needs <iframe style=”height: 1400px; width: 660px; border: none;” title=”Request a Quote from Pinguis Website Design in Ireland” src=”https://www.pinguisweb.com/” width=”300″ height=”150″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes”></iframe>

WordPress Theme Setup in Ireland

WordPress Website Training in Clare

WordPress Website Training in Clare Pinguis Website Design & Development, Website Design & SEO in Clare   WordPress is in Clare WordPress Training in Clare, people in Clare need WordPress Websites, just like any other person in other parts of Ireland. With our distributed website design & development, we are able to build websites for…

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