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Website Position Recovery after Google Updates

How to Recovery Position after Google Updates

Is your Website Lost or in need to recover after Googles latest Updates.

First of all we will list the updates and provide information about what they were punishing.


In April 2012 Penguin attacked spammy backlinks to raise website rankings.

Google introduced the Penguin update in 2012 to hunt out spammy backlinks and penalise websites using low-quality backlinks.
He might look cute and flurry but by god he packs a punch to spammy websites.
If Penguin has hit your website, you may not even know you were hit. You need to check your site traffic as well as carry out various other checks.
What’s needed is removal of all medium and high-risk backlinks, followed by a request for reconsideration by Google.

After that, you need to build high-quality backlinks from authoritative domains. Then your rankings and traffic will start recovering.
Google’s Panda de-ranks low-quality sites

Panda was a Google change applied in February 2011 that aimed to lower the rank of low-quality websites. It reportedly affected the rankings of almost 11% of all search results. There have been several updates since then.

In brief, Panda was concerned with pages of poor quality or with duplicated content. These should be rewritten, removed, or blocked from being indexed by the search engine, but rewritten is the best choice.

Content that is overly general or not substantially different from what is available elsewhere on the Internet will not rank well. It’s all about ‘adding value’ to the  viewer.
Hummingbird doesn’t like keyword stuffing

While adding to the effectiveness of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird the latest Google update, shifts the focus away from keywords to the searcher’s intent. In other words, stuffing your website with keywords wont work anymore.

What this essentially means is that websites with high-quality, unique content and use the social media in the right way will be rewarded in the search results.

Of course this make for more relevant search results and happier customers. I feel its better all run as results will be more to the point.