WordPress Create Child Page

How to create a

child page of another page

roofing website seoPages are referred to as parent and child pages (in drop down menu). This tutorial will show you make a child page in WordPress.

Again with wordpress this can be achieved in different ways.
WordPress Development as child of Services Create a WordPress Page
You will need a parent page go to and create a page click  Add New. Fill out your page e.g. Services.

With Services as a parent page. It will have a child page called WordPress Development.
Open Services page add your content and in Page Attributes add it as a child of your WordPress Development Page.

WordPress Development as Child Page of Services Page


This can easily be done in Menu >> Click Appearance >> hover over WordPress Development and drag and drop the page slightly to the right(hierarchy or visually a Dropdown), into place under Services. Save your Menu.

Wordpress Parent and Child Pages



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