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WordPress Design Prices and Services

What Can We Do?

Customize The Appearance

We help working on the theme files to modify some parts if needed.

Creating New Features

We’re happy to help adding new features and are the best people to understand how your site works.

Optimizing Your Website for SEO and Speed

We can help optimizing your website for SEO and for speed. This includes a lot of work such as optimizing images, optimizing meta tags, checking social integration, optimizing HTML structure. We ensure your website looks best for search engines and loads fast for users.

We Audit Your Website Security

You’re not sure how secure your website is? And you want to prevent it from being hacked? We might help you on that.


Our unbelievable prices, WordPress Website Design Prices

free Business Website

€200 for 12 Months Hosting
  • Free Design on Sub Domain Website
  • Initial Setup
  • E-mail Address Setup
  • Image and Logo Incorporation
  • Subdomain Hosting
  • Professional Customization

5 Page Websites

€350 Including 12 Months Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • WordPress Installation + Setup
  • E-mail Address + Antispam Protection
  • Facebook + Twitter
  • Image and Logo Incorporation
  • Full Customization + 24/7 Support

Unlimited Pages

€400.00 Includes 12 Months Hosting
  • Domain Name and E-mail Address
  • Themed Responsive website
  • Contact Page + Social Media
  • Logo + Image Integration
  • Complex Interactive Features
  • Customization + 24/7 Support

We offer more

    1. Make sure landing page redirects are avoided
    2. Leverage browser caching
    3. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    4. Inline critical, above the fold CSS
    5. Defer the parsing of and/or asynchronously load JavaScript
    6. Enable compression
    7. Minify CSS
    8. Minify HTML
    9. Minify JavaScript
    10. Prioritize visible content
    11. Reduce server response time
    12. Convert your site to it’s secure, HTTPS version
    1. Optimize images
    2. Properly scale images
    3. Implement Full Page Caching
    4. Implement Memory Caching
    5. Implement Fragment Caching
    6. Implement Object Caching
    7. Implement OpCode Caching
    8. Optimize/Upgrade PHP
    9. Make sure resources are served from a consistent URL
    10. Specify a cache validator
    11. Specify a character set early
    12. Specify image dimensions
    13. Make sure bad requests are avoided
    14. Implement and optimize your site for HTTP/2 (e.g. Server Push)
    1. Implement and optimize pre-connecting and pre-loading
    2. Enable Keep-Alive
    3. Inline small CSS
    4. Inline small JavaScript
    5. Minimize redirects
    6. Minimize request size
    7. Optimize the order of styles and scripts
    8. Put CSS in the document head
    9. Replace the use of CSS @import
    10. Remove query strings from static resources
    11. Assist you with moving your site to a proper hosting environment