WordPress Page Quick Edit Options

Explore the Quick Edit Options built into WordPress Pages as standard.

WordPress comes with a lot of options and exploring them can be fun.

Wordpress Page Quick Edit Options

On the pages screen you see all pages on your website, plus if you hover over the title, the quick links to edit pages from you dashboard. Obviously you can click the title and go into the editor screen. Sometimes you don’t have to go that deep, for example if you have just noticed a recent popular search term and would like to rank higher for this term. Simply click quick edit your title, slug, date published, add a password and status(whether you page is in a Published state, Draft state or Pending Review) or make it as a child page of another page Main Page (no parent)

With some themes (Premium WordPress themes), you can change your page layout from the quick edit options, leave at default for a Sidebar, which can be changed and re-arranged by going to Appearance >> Widgets.

Wordpress Template Quick Edit Options
Premium Themes Quick Edit Options

[testimonial author=”James O’Shea, Pinguis Websites Design Inc.”]Some of the better wordpress themes contain shortcodes for Bigger Buttons, Maps even Testimonial comments like this one[/testimonial]

It actually will provide shortcodes to show recent blogs, products, contact forms and recent websites designed like below

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