Writing Settings in WordPress

There is an option to change Writing Settings in WordPress.

This is not talking about language or right to left words at this point they are asking you what your way to structure your website.

edit the default writing settings in wordpress
Change some of the default writing settings in wordpress



Tick the first two checkboxes,

The first Convert emoticons such as 🙂 and 😛 to graphics when saved and viewed in the front end.

The second  tells WordPress to correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically.

change Writing setting under wordpress settings
Writing setting under wordpress settings

Default Post Category

If you don’t assign a Categories after writing your posts the default post category is used. If you delete a  Category, the posts in that Category will be assigned the default post Category.
If you have several Categories, but use one of those Categories more frequently, select that Category here to make your life a little easier.
But first things first you have to set a category first before assigning it.
To do this left hand panel and look up to posts, while hover over posts notice the secondary options within the posts panel.
From here you see options such as

Add a new post, add a category or add a new tag. Add  a new category here (name it with seo/search engines in mind tho) again something people will for for when searching for your product or service whether in Ireland or globally. Understand your market.

Setting the default post category in WordPress backend
Setting the default post category in WordPress


Changing the default wordpress category in posts
Changing the default wordpress category


Uncategorized and hover over it. Notice the hidden options that become available.

hidden options under categorie
The categories hidden options available

Select Edit or Quick Edit or view.

I will be selecting Quick Edit and put in Teaching WordPress. Stick to the same case if it uppercase use uppercase. Save it and go back to Writing under Settings.

Mine has changed to Teaching WordPress

For Default Post Format

Options here too, wordpress assumes nothing but gives choices

The Post Format you select from this drop-down is called the default Post Format. Post Formats are used by themes to create different styling for different types of posts. This settings is only visible if the current activated theme supports Post Formats. Stick to standard and change it later if that suits.
Save Changes
Click the Save Changes button to ensure any changes you have made to your Settings are saved.